Canada Family Sponsored Visa

These are a set of visas to allow your relatives to come and stay with you permanently. They will be able to work, study and live in Canada.

Quebec Province is a separate system from the rest of Canada. This does run in parallel to the main Canadian federal system If you and your partner and spouse wish to live and stay in Montreal, for example, this will need to be looked into. Visa Emperor will be happy to help you with this. 

You will need to be 18 years or older. You should be a Canadian citizen, or registered as an Indian, under the Canadian Indian act, or a permanent resident. 

Basic Sponsor Requirements 

As the sponsor you must make sure that you can provide the following for any family member coming to Canada.

This will include:

  • Basic food requirements for you and any additional family members.

  • Basic clothing will be needed. This needs to be looked at in a bit more detail. Some Canadian provinces and territories can reach very low winter temperatures.  For anyone coming from a tropical region, this could be a shock. To leave a house without proper clothing during the winter could be very dangerous.

  • Utilities, meaning gas, water and electricity. This could extend to having reasonable cooking facilities, plus heating and possibly air conditioning. 

  • Basic shelter, again depending upon the region and territory will again have to cope with the range of weather experienced in different regions in Canada.

  • Personal requirements:  A very big issue could be schooling for both younger children, along with High school and College aged children.  The correct school etc, possible language problems, and  funding. These may all have to be looked into.

  • Fuel, this could be gas for cooking and heat. This could apply to transportation as well. 

  • General household supplies.

It is important to demonstrate that you have sufficient income, plus additional resources to cover the further needs of any potential family member. 


Canada Spouse Visa

Basic Requirements:

  • Spouse to be of marriageable age or at least 18 years old or older.

  • You will need to be a Canadian citizen. An Indian, as outlined in the Canadian Indian Act.

  •  A permanent resident living in Canada.

  • The only social assistant you are receiving is for a disability.

  • That you have income to support any children or grandchildren. This applies to any children or a dependent child.

  • You can sponsor your partner if you are both in a same sex relationship.


Please Note:

For any Canadian citizen living outside of Canada, they must show that they intend to return to Canada when their sponsored relative or spouse becomes a permanent resident in Canada. You can not sponsor your relative or spouse if you are a permanent resident living outside of Canada. 


You can not be a Sponsor if:

  • If you have not paid a performance bond, an immigration loan, and any support payments to your family.

  • You have not given basic support to a previously sponsored relative receiving social assistance.

  • You are subjected to a removal order.

  • You are presently in jail or a similar institution.

  • You are an undischarged bankrupt.


You can sponsor your conjugal partner, common law partner of spouse, if

  • They are 18 years or older

  • The relationship has to be shown to be genuine. 

This last point is very important. You will probably need to show that both of you are genuine. This prevents attempts of bringing people into Canada illegally.


  • Bring Spouse
  • Working Rights
  • Permanent Pathway
  • Partner Visa
  • Pay in 2 installments (Total AED9,999)

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