What is a SIN number and why is it used in Canada?

What is the one most important thing, you need to work in Canada?


SIN Number: For any employer to offer you a job or to work in Canada you need the nine digit number famously recognised as your peeps Social Insurance Number (SIN). The SIN number also allows you to access any government benefits or grants. In the layman language, you need a SIN number to be able to get a job and receive a legal salary in Canada.

Though your SIN cannot and should not be used by anyone else, it is your responsibility to keep it under covers and safe.


The agency which can issue you the SIN number is Service Canada and now it comes in a paper format which is also called as the Confirmation of SIN letter or SIN approval letter. However, your old SIN card which has not yet expired works as good as the new paper SIN.


Where can you find it, if you do not remember your SIN number, by any chance?


·      You may check on your previous income tax return, tax slips, records of employment, and any other relevant contributions.

·      You may also re obtain your SIN number by applying to service Canada.                    


What happens when you loose your SIN number or what will happen  when it gets stolen?


Remember, once you loose your SIN number or someone steals it from you, you will not be issued a new SIN by Service Canada.


Service Canada issues a new SIN only on instances where the SIN was used illegally or in fraudulent way, for which you must provide evidence. And so, it is your utmost duty to protect your SIN at all times.


Did you know, a newborn can get a SIN to?


If you have a child who is under one years of age and whose birth is not registered with the province you live in, you can also apply for the newborn through the Provincial Newborn Registration Service.


How to Apply for SIN number in SIN.

Submit a SIN application to:


·      request a SIN for the first time

·      obtain a confirmation of your SIN

·      correct an error on a SIN record

·      update a legal change of name

·      update the citizenship status on your SIN record

·      update your immigration document’s expiry date on your SIN record

·      remove your disc number from your SIN record


Include all mandatory documents with your application.

Service Canada will only mail your Confirmation of SIN letter to an address other than your own if you apply by mail.

To protect your personal information, never leave your computer or device unattended while filling out a SIN application online. Always close your browser if you step away from your computer or device.


For Minors who are applying for their own SIN


Children who are 12 years of age or older may apply for their own SIN.

If you are under the age of majority in your province or territory and applying for a SIN, you must provide all required documents. If you cannot provide all required documents, a representative must apply on your behalf.


For people with Indian status


Where you are an individual who is registered under the Indian Act of Canada and you want to initiate or update your status in your Govt SIN records, you need to provide a Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada along with your required documentation.


Required documents for your own SIN Number:


First> Your Primary identification document

Need to submit one of the following documents:


·      work permit issued by IRCC or CIC

·      study permit issued by IRCC or CIC which indicates the permit holder “may accept employment” or “may work” in Canada

·      visitor record issued by IRCC or CIC showing that you are authorized to work in Canada

·      diplomatic identity card and a work authorization issued by Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and development.


Second> Second document

Need to submit one of the following documents. It must contain the legal name and the date of birth of the applicant. Such as:


·      a passport (Canadian or International)

·      a Canadian provincial or territorial ID card or driver’s license

·      any other Canadian government-issued ID


Third> Applicants Current Proof of address

You need to provide a document that confirms the address as submitted in the online SIN application. The decision letter to the approved SIN will be mailed to this address. 

This should be issued by one of the following: a government, a company, an institution, an organization, a landlord or an employer and must be:


·      a document, or

·      an attestation letter signed by the issuer

·      contain the legal name (as in Government issued ID) that is exactly as shown on your first, second or supporting document


Fourth> Any Supporting document

Where the name on any document provided is different from the name on the SIN application, a legal document stating the most recent name used is required or of a name change.


Hence, it is a simple process to get the SIN number when you have legal working rights in Canada.

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