The Pride of Holding a Canadian Passport

The Pride of Holding a Canadian Passport

It's a day of pride for anyone who takes the oath and gets the honor of holding this Canadian passport.

The journey can be long and meeting the requirements to achieve this special success can be tiresome. One needs to follow the correct pathway and that too with consistency and accuracy, making sure whatever you do in Canada is within compliance and you are in line with the future or ongoing criteria in favour of your Canadian citizenship.

Most importantly, it's the PR pathway you choose which determines the outcome of your application. There are many federal and provincial govt backed PR programs for skilled workers, business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you want to move permanently to Canada. It is one of these govt supported pathways you should follow and make sure you meet every eligibility requirement before lodging your PR visa application.

However, if you do not meet any of the criteria, you may need an experts advise on how to fulfill these criteria and what steps can be taken. By any means, you should not try shortcuts or provide any fraudulent documents in order to succeed quickly. This is a big issue and is dealt with utmost strictness by IRCC, starting from 5 years ban up to permanently banning the applicant to apply for any visa for Canada.

It is a very good idea to take guidance from an immigration experts on how to fulfill the requirements of your aspired visa, where you can get some golden advice and step by step guidance to fulfill your requirements.

Well, sometimes getting there may take more time than expected but it is best to follow the correct pathway and meet all its requirements before lodging the visa, as there might be no second chance. 

Immigration matters should be dealt truthfully and with utmost seriousness, not following this at any time can bring you in bad books of immigration, which is a dark mark on your profile forever.

Plan Early

The best way will be to get your profile assessed by an immigration expert and understand which PR pathway is most suitable for you to follow. Different PR programs are designed for each sector of people with program specific requirements. Depending on your profile, an expert can show you the best program as per your profile. Where you may meet the requirements effortlessly. 

You might be reading a lot about immigration programs online but years of experience and dealing with a vast variety of visas give that edge to the expert, for determining the best PR program for you.

A real expert is not who will just assess your profile and guide about an acceptable program. But, where you do not meet the requirements, can give you a step by step guidance, on how to achieve those requirements in the coming days and years. So that you plan your migration journey accordingly and reach the desired results in the first time itself.

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