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This will be specially about University and College courses to start with. The best starting point is to get admission in a College or University. See what courses they have to offer, and what their requirements are. Look at their individual websites, and also ask Visa Emperor for any help.

How to Apply
For undergraduate students in the UK this is done through UCAS, Universities and Colleges Admission Services. Entry onto Post Graduate Courses is done via each University of Higher Education Institution. You will need to make individual inquiries for any Post Graduate study.

Possible Requirements
The English and Welsh Education systems are based on two sets of examinations, GCSEs at 16 and A or Advanced levels at 18. Scotland has a broadly comparable system. Every country in the world seems to operate a slightly different educational system. It is important that you have qualifications that match the specific requirements. For example, a Physics degree may require A Levels in Physics along with Pure and Applied Maths A Levels. There will be grades that you will be have expected to achieve as well. You need to make sure that your High School or Secondary School qualifications match these requirements. If English is not your first language, then you may need further English Language qualifications. Plus, you may be asked to attend an interview. Then, you could be given a conditional offer by the University, or the education institution. This will be on your achieving the grade requirements needed for that particular course.

Funding Your Souse
There are wide variety of different scholarship and funding options available for you in the UK
At present there are arrangements in place with the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). You will need to consider that the United Kingdom does consist of four different countries, England Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Rules and conditions will vary from country to country.

There are a large range of grants, bursaries, and scholarships available. The UK government does provide a body the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) that can provide loans and financial support. This will depend upon your nationality.

Here is a section of bodies that could possibly help with funding your course. These include:

Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships.
This provides support for doctoral studies, visiting fellows and research along with Summer Schools in Scotland.

UK-China HE (Higher Education) Research Partnership for PhD Studies.
This supports doctoral research for Chinese students in the UK.

Great India Scholarships
These cover a number of different opportunities for financial support for Indian students in a variety of both undergraduate and post graduate course in the UK.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
This covers any commonwealth student. It will apply to Masters and doctoral courses in the UK along with distant learning.
This includes medical, professional and academic fellowships.

Visa Requirements in the UK

If you 16 or older you will need to apply for a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa. This applies to anyone wanting to study in further education. You will also need to wait for an offer at a University or College before applying for this visa. This is known as a Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS). You can also use this visa for a sabbatical officer in a student’s union, and as a PhD student using the Doctorate Extension Scheme.
This also requires a Registered Qualifications Framework (RFQ) level 6 in England or Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level 9 in Scotland. These show you have gained a high enough qualification in England (GCSEs, A levels A/S levels) and Scotland (Highers and Advanced Highers). Northern Ireland and Wales have separate systems. Visa Emperor will gladly help in guiding you through these different systems. It basically boils down to you have the correct and recognized educational qualification for any University or College course.

A CAP means the length of stay you are allowed to stay in the UK in order to study. This is set by the Home Office, the official UK department that deals with immigration.
If you are under 18 there is no CAP or restriction on the about of time you can study in the UK. If you are 18, then you are allowed two years for courses below degree level.
Also, under UK Home Office legislation, an educational institution is known as a sponsor. They have a license to “sponsor” an overseas student for a course.
The degree level CAP, allows you up the five years in the UK.

As noted earlier, it would be sensible to find sponsorship of some kind. If you want to undertake a course in London for example, then living costs could be quite high.
The Home Office sets fixed amounts. At present the monthly cost in London is 1,265 pounds a month. This would be roughly $1400US to $1500US at current rates. The amount you are expected so find for nine months is 11,385 pounds. This equates to around $14,000US to $15,000US.
The figures outside of London, are lower, but not a lot lower, being 1015 pounds a month and 9,135 pounds for nine months.

Criminal Convictions
On your visa application form, you are expected to declare any criminal convictions, and these do include traffic offenses. These also include travel bans and any convictions involving fraud.

This is a confirmation of acceptance for your Tier 4 (General) Student Visa. This will come from your School, College or University, that they have made you an unconditional offer. You will be given a CAS reference number. This will all be done electronically, and this stays valid for six months.

Short Term Course
There are options available for short term courses in the UK. These can be up to six months for a general course and 11 months of a specific English language course. Visa Emperor will kindly supply you with any details of these courses.

To study in the UK the key thing is to have a course lined up and to be sure you meet the academic requirements needed for the course. The other thing is paying for it. You have to be in a position to make sure you can fund your stay in the UK.

Visa Emperor will be more than happy to help you with any details.

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