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Quebec is a very important province in Canada and has its own immigration policy and program. Two very important cities, Montreal and Quebec City, are the core essence of Quebec. French is the official language, although for the most part, Quebec is bilingual, where English is also spoken.

To look closer into the opportunity:

The service sector is the largest sector. However, there are strong manufacturing outlets in Quebec, which could be of interest.

Most workers are hired by small and medium sized enterprises.

Most work is found through “networking”, or “word of mouth, rather than advertising online, on the web or via newspapers etc.

Your skills, what you have accomplished and your performance as an individual, are looked at. Also, how you can integrate and work in a team as a team member, is important.

Most job offers will assume you have had at least 11 years of education, leading up to a Secondary or High School leaving diploma.



You will need to get a good score in a language test before you can get your work visa, especially in French. Montreal is very much a French speaking city as are other parts of Quebec.

However, the major language in North America is still English. Being bilingual in both French and English would also give you a distinct advantage in the jobs market in Quebec. Although not required in your application, having other languages as well, would also be very useful. We live in a very connected world now, so speaking a number of languages well, could set you apart from other job applicants.


Consensual Culture.

The business culture in Quebec is one of open discussion between employers and employees.  Meetings and discussions are used to “air” problems and resolve them.


What work is there?

You can use this web link to investigate specific job opportunities:

Emploi Quebec (Employment in Quebec)


Quota Numbers

It is very important to note that there are set numbers of immigrants allowed to enter Quebec each year. A quota number is set for each “immigrant category”.  Once that number has been reached no more immigrants can be allowed in under that specific category, for that year.

The Quebec Immigration Program has two broad categories:

  • Business people: This can be sub divided into Investors, Entrepreneurs and the Self Employed.
  • Permanent workers: Quota Numbers for 2016 – 2017, have now been reached
    As of 1stApril 2016 until 31stMarch 2017, all quota numbers in all categories have been reached. Anyone wishing to enter Quebec under the Quebec immigration program, will now have to wait until 2017 – 2018 slots open.

To look now specifically at each program:


Entrepreneur Program: Business People

Quebec Immigration Program

You need to show that you have $300,000 CAD net assets, at your disposal. That these assets have been obtained legally.  This can be jointly owned by your spouse and/or partner. In which case, your spouse or partner will also be coming over with you to Quebec, as part of an immigrant visa.

You will need to show that you have had experience of running a business for at least two years. This must have been acquired and set up five years before applying for a Quebec immigration visa.  This business must be both profitable and lawful.  Your business could be either commercial, industrial are agricultural. You are either in sole control or your spouse or partner is also involved in running the business. On your own, or with your partner or spouse, you should be controlling 25% of the capital equity, at least.

You must have been involved totally with your enterprise. That is all the planning, marketing, financing etc.  This include controlling both human and material resources.  You will be given extra points if you can fully explain the extent to which you were involved in being an entrepreneur.

You must be able to show one of the following:


The ability to carry out a business project component:

You need to submit a proposal to either create or to acquire a business in Quebec Province. This can be either agricultural, commercial, or industrial. You can be the sole operator of this enterprise. You can work with your spouse and partner.  Both of you should be fully involved daily, in the running and operating of this enterprise. You must control, or be in partnership with your spouse or partner, both control, 25% of the capital equity, with a minimum value of $100,000 CAD.


Acquisition of a Business in Quebec component:

This applies to any business you may have bought on your own, or with your spouse or common law partner/spouse.

You (or both of you) will need to add $100,000CAD.  Plus, this is again 25% (minimum) capital equity in the business.  You (or both of you) will have to show total commitment to this enterprise on a daily basis.

The following will have to be taken into consideration.  These includes:

  • Your current age
  • Your past experience and qualifications. Plus the time you have spent being an entrepreneur.
  • Your French and English language skills.
  • What knowledge you have of Quebec and personal qualities.

How you have gone acquiring a business in the past, and, if this was the option you want to take, how would you successfully run a business in Quebec.


Permanent Workers (Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Stream)


There are schemes designed to help permanent workers move to Quebec as part of an overall immigration scheme:

There are two main categories; as a student already studying in Quebec or, a migrant worker.


Migrant Worker

You must obtain a Certificat de Selection du Quebec, before applying to permanent residency to Quebec.

 Selection is based on a number of different factors organized in a grid. These are:

  • Your age
  • Occupation skills
  • Educational level
  • Language abilities.
  • Children or dependents, will also be a factor, in this appraisal.

 A plan and a procedure will also be crucial for you to help, plan and organize your immigration.


Personal Action Plan

There is a lot you can do by yourself. There will need to be a plan of action, to cover all the important points that need to be looked at. This would include:


Assessing objectively your skills.

You may be more knowledgeable on computers than you think.  A number of enterprises have been very successful because of your input. You speak Spanish or Mandarin. Ofcourse all of this needs to be backed up with documentation but you may have more to offer than you think.

If you want to move to Quebec you will be expected to sign a declaration that states you will up hold certain important values if you want to be part of the Quebec Immigration Program. 


Comparative Education Qualifications

When you make your application for the Quebec Immigration Program, you must show that your educational qualifications can compare and are the equivalent to those found in Quebec.


Quebec Immigration Program

Skilled Workers

This uses pretty much the same system as the general Canadian State system for immigration and it is based on a points system.



As noted, you will have to have the formal educational qualifications assessed using the Quebec comparative evaluation systems that are used.

You must hold a High School (Secondary School) general diploma or set of examinations, and/or an equivalent set of Vocational Diplomas and examinations, as a minimum requirement.



There is a code for each occupation. You do not have to worry.  This is a very comprehensive list.  You are sure to find your occupation there or a close equivalent. This ranges from, O Management Occupation to labor work as D.

To summarize:

  • Skill level O: Managerial
  • Skill level A: Professionals, these are occupations that require specialist degrees, Doctors, Architects etc.
  • Skill Level B: Technical jobs: Plumbers, Chefs, Electricians etc.
  • Skill Level C: High School or Secondary school education with “On the job” training. This includes long haul, long distance truck drivers, butchers etc.
  • Skill Level D: laboring work, seasonal agricultural work, cleaning etc.


It seems that people with “Skill Level D” are not “admissible” under the Quebec Immigration Program, and therefore will not be considered.


Area of Training

Your area of training is an important factor which helps you score points under Quebec immigration. Diploma or degree under the specific area of training is assessed as per the Quebec education system. Each area of training has its own requirements and score. Check the List of Area of Training to determine how much in demand your training will be in Quebec.


Financial Self – Sufficiency  

If you are successful with your Quebec Immigration Program visa, then you must show with your bank accounts or other accepted mode of financial assets that you have sufficient money to stay in Quebec, along possibly with your family, for the first three months.

For example, if you are on your own, the figures for 2016 at $3,046 CAD. For two adults and two children the figure is $5,400.


Knowledge and Understanding of French and English.

This will be a critical part of your application. You must have a very good understanding of French. Also, having good English skills would also be useful.

Point will be awarded for both oral competency and writing abilities in French. Your spouse can also score additional points. Further marks will also be given for a high level English competency.

You will need to prepare for these tests, as it is an important part of the application process. If you live abroad, you may need help in finding good language school and teachers, that are accepted by the Quebec and Canadian immigration authorities.

Do not assume that you can enter the test without undertaking preparation before hand. You may be living in a French speaking country, but have to make sure that you are ready for the test.

The English language system that is accepted by the Quebec Ministere, is  I.E.L.T.S ( International English Lnaguage Testing System).


Work Experience

You are expected to have work experience in the last 5 years, prior to your application. This must be legal work. For time or part time work is recognized. Internships and apprenticeships can also be considered. For your application you must document all the details of your past occupations. This goes for any educational courses as well. The nature of the employment, any special dutues you had to perform.  The location, and time your were at your employment. Full contact details and the full address of your employer or employers. Is there anyone who can be contacted for a reference. In fact the more details that can be verified, the better.


Student Applicants

If you have been in Quebec for a while, and have been offered employment, or there is an offer of employment then can apply to become part of the Quebec Immigration Program. There is a two stage process applying first to the Certificate de Selection du Quebec, then applying to Canadian immigration for permanent residence.


There is an application for the Certificat de Selection du Quebec or the Quebec Selection Certificate.

Please note :

You have to use a personal computer to run this program. It will not operate on a tablet or cell/mobile phone.



After around 90 days, the Ministère will send you an itimized, personal list of all the documents that need to be sent.

 There are three other groups that can enter Quebec as part of the Quebec Immigration Program.

These are :

  • Temporary workers.
  • Sponsor and sponsored family members.
  • Refugees or asylum seekers. 



What to do next


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