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Permanent Residency Work Visas for Australia. Provisional Work Visa (subclass 489)

Australia has an extensive range of different visas available for those wanting to find permanent or temporary employment in Australia.

There are three different routes or “pathways” for entry. This includes the “Extended Stay” pathway, the “Invited” pathway and, “Subsequent” entry pathway

Note that this visa may lead to a Permanent Skills Visa.

Invited Pathway

Eligibility Criteria

This covers the following:

  • Hold one of the following “subclass” visas: 475, 487, 495 or 496.
  • You should be nominated by a Territory or a State government. This could also be a relative who is eligible. This is the “Invited” pathway.
  • You are invited to apply.
  • You must have an occupation which is relevant.
  • You must have a skill assessment which is suitable for the post.
  • You must meet the “points score test” and reach a pass mark of 60 or more.
  • Show that you have competent English skills.

The Extended Stay Pathway

Eligibility Criteria

This is for extending one of the following visas you are already holding under Skilled-Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 475), Skilled Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 487), Skilled Regional visa (subclass 495), or Skilled Designated Area Sponsored and Provisional visa (subclass 496)

You should hold only one of these other visas if you want to be considered for the permanent work visa. This can be for any employer and any employment under these schemes.

Again, you should already be working in a region or a metropolitan area that has low overall growth.

If you have already been nominated and sponsored by a relative then you can work in any designated area in Australia.

If you not do fulfill the criteria for the Extended pathway, then it might be worthwhile applying for the Invited pathway.

Subsequent Entry Pathway

Eligibility Criteria

This is designed for family members of any one who already has one of the following visas 489 as well as subclass 475, 487, 496, or 495 visas.

Overall Eligibility Criteria for the Three Paths


You be either in Australia or abroad if you wish to make an application.

Health Requirements (check again authorized centers)

Australia is a country that takes health very seriously. It does expect full medical tests to be undertaken or evidence to shown that you are fit enough to enter the country.

If you dig deep enough on the authorized sites you will find the criteria needed. You may need a medical inspection in your home country (check) or to be checked immediately on arrival in Australia

There is a complex set of criteria, but some of the key concerns are TB, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B and C. For TB, if you are from a high risk country, you will have to be examined in hospital. Countries with Ebola outbreaks etc, will also present real concern. There maybe the need for a full chest X-ray as well. Syphilis is also an issue.

There is an extensive list of countries where a medical examination may not be needed. This needs to be looked at very carefully. Japan is on the list, South Korea doesn’t seem to be there, nor is China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesian and Singapore? Argentina and Jamaica are on the list Brazil isn’t etc. North American and European countries are listed..

You will need guidance from your on line employment agency and the Australian authorities with all of this.

There are special criteria for dependents, pregnant women, children etc.

If you have a medical examination outside of Australia, you have to use an authorized “panel” radiologist oi doctor to undertake the examination. Details of these can be found in Australian embassies and consulates in your individual country. Much of this is now done on line, using the Australian, eMedical client and an eMedical referral letter. All of this is part of your visa application process.

Australian Medical Insurance

This may be needed for both permanent and temporary visas. There is a comprehensive insurance system in Australia, Australian Medicare. Some countries have reciprocal arrangements with Australia, but not all. If this is the case, you will have to be covered for this. If you are using a company to assist you with your application, this is something they could certainly look into.


This really means a police check in your home country. This will be a check for any criminal record or any connection with a terrorist organization.

This will include a prison record of 12 months or more. This can include smaller sentences adding up to 12 months or suspended sentences. This also includes any escape from immigration detention, or any offense connected with this. This also ranges to connections with criminal elements, people smuggling and slavery, Molesting, stalking and child sex offenses will also be taken into consideration. An Interpol notice or being considered a risk by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization, will also block your entry.

This applies to every country you have lived in your 12 months or more since the age of 16. A valid police check from each of these countries will be needed.


All outstanding debts to the Australian Government need to be paid, or arrangements made, for these to be paid.

Some Additional Points

Relative Spomsorship

If you have been nominated by a sponsor, the sponsor could include any other the following relatives resident in Australia. This can include your are your partners parents, step parents. This also extends to any children or adopted children, brothers or sisters and again adapted brothers and sisters. Plus aunts uncles and again adopted aunts and uncles. This applies also to nieces and nephews and adopted nieces and nephews. As well as grandchildren and first cousins

This is a pretty extensive of family members.

This could be worth exploring if you do have any family connections with Australia.

Skills Assessments

There is an extensive skills list available on the official Australian sites that can help you see if you have a skill which is needed. Such as pressure welder or project builder with a matching code. This in turn with have to be checked by each relevant trade or professional body authorized to do this.

Also your particular, skill trade or profession needs to be the relevant lists and match the requirements of particular states and regions.

Points Score

When you get your application letter you will be given a points score of 60 or more you should achieve.

This is broken down into:

  • Age: For example, if you are between 25 and 32 you could get the maximum of 30 points. If you are between 40 and 44 years this will be 15 points.
  • Superior English 20 points, proficient English 10 points.
  • Skilled experience outside Australia: If this is between 8 and ten years this will get you 15 points. Just three to four years, just 5 points.
  • If your skilled work has been in Australia, then the following range of points will apply. So if you have worked in Australia for 8 to 10 years you will get 20 points. At the other end of the scale, 1 to 2 years will only bring you 5 points.
  • Qualifications, these range from PHD or Doctorate brings you 20 points. A BA or equivalent is worth 15 points and a trade qualifications 10 points.
  • There are a number of other points that can also be picked up. One in particular, if you are directed to work in a region or s metropolitan growth, or there is a sponsor, a relative, in a designated area, this can give you 10 points.

Competent English

There are a series of tests that you should undertake, if English is not your primary language. Your Australian consulate or embassy, in your individual countries, can direct you where to find authorized teachers that will later be able to test you. The tests must be within the last 36 months. These cover the following bodies : Test of English- as a Foreign Language Internet Based, (TEFL IBT), Pearson’s Test of English (PTE), International English Language Testing System (IELTES), Occupation English Test a(OET) and the Cambridge English Advanced. You will be tested for listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each will have its own test mark you will have to achieve.

If you are a passport holder from The United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, the United States, New Zealand or Canada, it will be assumed that you have competent English.


There are different conditions for each of the three pathways for both the permanent and temporary Provisional Work Visa (subclass 489).

A good employment agency will guide you through each step of the way. They will make sure that each area is properly covered. All the right paperwork and documentation will be dealt with. They will guide you through any medical examinations and the work you might need to pass any English test. The Australian system is thorougher and fair. Good luck.

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