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Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 864)

This is designed for elderly parents who want to come to Australia. Their children must be Australian citizens, have permanent residency in Australia or a citizen from New Zealand who is eligible.

This applies to elderly parents who are aged 65. Please note however, that this age will be progressively increased from the first of July 2018. Please refer to the official Australian Department of Social Services for more details.

Financial Responsibilities.

The sponsor needs to show that the elderly family member can be supported financially, given accommodation and can be generally supported.
Assurance of Support.

This is a legal document that requires that the Australian Government will not be liable for any financial support for the first two years.

Th “assurance” is a bond or sum of money to cover any financial support. This can be provided by the sponsor, another individual, organization, or yourself.
All the other requirements, health checks, character assessments, and the application procedures follow the same pattern as the other Australian permanent visas.
Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa, SubClass 173

This is designed to allow temporary residence in Australia of a parent with a child who is an Australian Citizen, a Permanent resident or a resident from New Zealand. Half your children must live in Australia, or most are living in Australia and not elsewhere. This is worked out by using the “balance of family” test. This is for two years, but you can go onto apply for permanent sub class visa 143.

Again, you must meet the health and character requirements. There must be no money owing to the Australian Government.

As a licensed migration agency is allowed to help you with your application for your child or children, it would be worth while getting their help.
The Australian immigration system is straightforward and logical. It is quite complicated. So assistance could well be very helpful, to make each stage is completed successively, and all the necessary documentation is in order.
Good luck, with the right help you will get your kids into Australia!

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