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Ontario Provincial Nomination (OINP)


The different provinces and territories in Canada do run individual visa programmes. These provide opportunities to visit, study. live and work in each of these states and provinces. It is worthwhile spending some time and getting some advice on the opportunities that are available.

Ontario Provincial Nomination (OINP)

The Ontario Provincial Nomination (OINP) scheme is designed to meet the needs of economic needs of Ontario. Where there is a specific need for workers in the labour market, the province of Ontario will help employers there to nominate suitable foreign workers to come to work and live in Ontario permanently.

This is done in partnership with the Federal Canadian Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada, (IRCC).

The application process is divided into two broad stages. The Ontario OINP assess and nominates potential candidates for permanent residency . Once nominated by the OINP , candidates can then apply for permanent residency using the Federal IRCC. The final decision to issue a permanent resident visa lies with the IRCC.

The OINP is designed to help companies,investors and firms in Ontario to find foreign workers for posts and positions that can not be currently filled by the local labour force.

How Do Individuals Abroad Find Work in Ontario?

There are a number of different “streams” that can be used.

General Category Stream

The Federal Canadian Immigration uses a system of putting individual workers into different categories. This is called the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

Under the General Category Stream, these are managerial, professional and skilled workers (NOC O, A and B categories) that are particularly needed in Ontario in certain fields.


You can be a visitor or on a temporary work visa in Canada. Equally, you can be living outside of Canada. Any one considering a post must provide full documentation. Any employer must indicate if the potential candidate is being recruited from inside Canad or abroad.

The following criteria will apply:

  • Under the General Category Scheme, you must be a suitable candidate in the 0 A B NOC Categories.
  • If you are already working in Ontario, then the new post must pay the same, and possibly more than your current post.
  • You must have at least two years work experience in your current post, over a five year period, prior to making this application, in the appropriate NOC category.
  • You should have the relevant mandatory licensing for Ontario, if this applies to you.
  • If you are already in Canada, then you will need the relevant visitors record, work or study visa.

What is a Permanent Resident Job Offer?

This is defined as a 30 hour a week minimum job or a total of 1, 560 hours a year of paid employment.

It is not:

  • part time or seasonal work
  • agency, independent contracted or sub contracted work
  • employees should not have ownership in the business
  • working from home or via telecommunications and the web.

International Students – Masters Graduate Stream

There appears to be a high demand for this particular visa. It would make a lot of sense to get in contact with Visa Emperor, who will help you with any on-line applications you mat need to make.

You will need to meet the following criteria.

  • Attended at least one year in Ontario in a publicly funded University., undertaking a Masters Degree program full time.
  • Reached a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), of level 7 or greater, in either French or English.
  • Show you have been resident in Ontario for 12 months or more over a 24 month period

before you submit your application.

  • Show you have a minimum amount of savings to support yourself and any possible family.
  • You intend to stay and work in Ontario.
  • You must reside inside Ontario, with a work permit, study permit or visitors record.
  • You now reside outside of Canada.
  • However, you do not qualify if you have moved elsewhere in Canada, outside of Ontario.
  • You will need to apply within two years of you receiving your Masters Degree.
  • Make sure that you have fulfilled and completed any scholarship,grants or subsidies from your home country before applying for this visa.

International Students-PhD Graduate Stream

For those that have just obtained a PhD or doctorate, the criteria is very similar to that of the

Master Graduate Stream.

Other Possible Areas In Demand

In Demand Skills Stream

There are an number of other employment possibilities, not necessarily restricted to managerial roles, that can be explored. These are all classed as NOC C or D occupations.

These include:

  • Residential installers and servers.
  • Heavy equipment operators (but not cranes)
  • General farm work.
  • Nursery and greenhouse workers
  • Harvesting workers
  • Construction trades, labourers and helpers
  • Industrial butchers, poultry preparers, meat cutters and related work.

The criteria that applies to these occupations are as follows:

  • You must have 12 months or more experience in your particular work specialism. This can be extended over a 36 month period.
  • The previous work experience must fulfill each particular NOC criteria. It should be in the same occupation.
  • You may need to have a mandatory Ontario license or certificate prior to your application.
  • You will need a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) at level 4 in reading, writing, reading, listening and speaking in either French or English.
  • Have completed High School or Secondary school, or above, in Canada or elsewhere.
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself and any possibly family, from savings, income etc.
  • If you are already in Canada, documentation to show that you can legally stay in Canada.


Remember, there are two stages to the process of gaining the Ontario Provincial Nomination (OINP).

You will need to secure the job in Ontario. Visa Emperor can help you with finding employment in your particular field. Then making sure you fulfill the NOC requirements. What evidence and documentation you will need for that.

If English or French is not your native language, then help will be need in setting up lessons and taking the correct examinations in your home country.

When it comes to the Federal Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada, (IRCC).

(IRCC) application. Then Visa Emperor can help with the on line application process.

There are things like the “Express Entry” system. The possible police and medical checks that might be needed. The verification of any academic or work qualifications.

All these areas can be systematically dealt with by Visa Emperor, in order to help you gain real good permanent employment in Canada.

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