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New Zealand Holiday Visas

New Zealand consists of two main islands, North Island along with South Island. It is in the South West of the Pacific, some 1,500 Kilometers or 900 miles from Australia. Overall the climate in New Zealand is temperate. The top of North Island can be sub tropical and the west fairly wet. To the east it is quite dry.

There is an amazing biodiversity in New Zealand. This owes a lot to its relative isolation over a long period of time. The little kiwi bird is unique to New Zealand and it is the national symbol of New Zealand.

There have been Polynesian settlers in New Zealand for some time. They are now the Maori people. They did suffer under colonial rule, but unlike many other colonized countries, the Maori have retained an important place in modern New Zealand culture. The “hakka”, the tribal Maori challenge, starts every game of International Rugby Union football, a major New Zealand passion,

There is a huge range of different scenery packed into these two islands as well. Including high mountains, flat plains and beeches. Its is little wonder that much of the filming for the Lord of the Rings movie series took place in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a high standard of living. It also always has a high ranking in world tables for areas such as education attainment, very low levels of corruption, and quality of life.

New Zealand Holiday Visa


Given the unique nature of New Zealand’s flora and fauna there are very strict rules regarding what can be brought into New Zealand.

When you arrive in New Zealand, there will be the following procedures.:

  • You will be given a arrival card on your flight over to New Zealand. These must be filled out very accurately. Even making a mistake could land you in jail and mean you will be sent straight back to where you came from.
  • The following risk items must be declared: water, food, plants, wooden products, animal products, and outdoor products. These include bee and honey products, flowers, fruit, seeds, leaves, bark, nuts, wood, bulbs, feathers, eggs, and seeds. Parts of plants are not allowed, as well as bamboo, straw, cane or fungi. This also covers religious items or products for “medicinal” purposes. Outdoor products can include water sports such as diving equipment. Any products associated with gardening or farming.
  • There will be marked bags, amnesty bags, available for any “at risk” items to be placed in.
  • No endangered animals or plants must be bought to New Zealand.

Full details can be found on the New Zealand official Tourist Visa Web site.

Some General Points.

Remember, New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere. So the “summer” holiday period is from November lasting up to March. Therefore “holiday parks”, mountain, and coastal resorts will be booked up pretty early. This applies also to ferries and car rentals. Therefore, organizing and booking your holiday early is essential.

If you are booking a skiing holiday, the “winter months” are from May through to October. These include the “ski” towns of Wanaka, Queenstown, Methen, Lake Tekapo. And Ohakune. Again, prepare and book early. This also applies to major events and walking holidays.

Using an Agency

For organizing your trip to New Zealand, it would make a lot of sense using a reputable travel, who are experienced in organizing vacations to New Zealand. This also applies to anyone wanting to make an individual journey to New Zealand. In this case it would be better if you used a agency for specializes in Visitors’ Visas. They will be able to take you, step by step, through all the different stages you will need to cover.

Visitor Visa

With this visa you can do the following:

  • You can visit New Zealand. You can meet up with your family and friends. Take part in amateur sports and other activities.
  • You can study for up to three months.
  • You can bring your wife or partner plus any dependent children along using the New Zealand Visitor Visa.

Do you use an eVisa or use paper documents?

It would be an idea to apply on line using an eVisa for a Holiday Visa if you are making an individual application. You would obviously have to have access to the internet. You will need to pay for the application. You can pay using a UnionPay, Visa or MasterCard.

On the other hand you should use a paper application for a New Zealand Holiday visa is the following apply:

  • You coming with wife/partner and/or dependent children.
  • You may have a partnership with a New Zealander or another person holding a visa.
  • You are a dependent child of someone in New Zealand, or someone else that holds a visa.
  • You are coming as a group. This includes an ADS group from China.
  • If you are coming as the guardian of a student.
  • If you are the guardian of a student..
  • If you are changing the conditions of your visa application.
  • You do not have access to a UnionPay, Visa or MasterCard.

Countries with a Visa Waiver Agreement with New Zealand.

There are a large number of countries where it is not necessary. This will entitle you to stay in New Zealand for up to three months. If you are a citizen of Britain, this can be up to 6 months.

The countries that exempt include pretty well all European countries, all EU countries and western and central European Countries, including Iceland.

The United States, Canada, and Mexico are exempt.

Caribbean countries do not seem to be exempt. Mauritius is, off East Africa, along with the Seychelles in the Atlantic.

From Latin America, Chile, Argentina,Uruguay and Chile are included.

In the Middle East the following countries are visa exempt. These include Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In Asia the visa exempt countries include, Japan, Hong Kong and Macao (both with special provisions)

South Korea and Taiwan.

In some cases there are special conditions regarding the nature of the visa exemption.

Please note, you must have a valid passport which will be valid your 3 months (6 months UK), stay in New Zealand. You have a valid return ticket to your country of origin and you have enough funds to cover your stay in New Zealand.

If you do need a Holiday Visa for New Zealand


Paper Based Applications

This will be similar to a passport type photograph in your home country. You will need to make sure however, that it does meet the criteria for a New Zealand Holiday Visa photograph.

Using Online Applications

Again, you will need to check the official New Zealand website or consult the Visa agency or Travel agency you are dealing with for the full requirements. It is better to have these photographs taken by a professional photographer.

Basic requirements include putting the digital photograph into a “jpeg” format and a file size of between 500KB and 10MB.


  • The photograph must be taken less than a period of 6 months ago.
  • Must be in focus.
  • Taken in color with no “red eye”.
  • No photo editing software should be used.
  • Taken against a pale (not white) background.
  • Do not wear any clothes with strong bold colors
  • Look straight at the camera, no smiling or frowning, with your eyes open and your mouth closed.
  • Nothing should be covering your eyes. Unless your eyes can be clearly seen through prescription glasses. Take off any sunglasses or heavy rimmed glasses.
  • Take off any head covering, unless they are on for religious of medical reasons. However, make sure all your face, up to the hair line, can be seen.

Completing The Application Form ( INZ1017)

Apart from all the standard details needed on an application from such as, name address, and age, the following need to be considered:


There is a straightforward system available on the official New Zealand Government web site using “Readme”.


If the application form is not completed in English a translation must be made by either the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs translation service or a reputable service that you can find in your home country. Both the original document, in your native language and a copy must be included, when you send off the application form.


Depending upon the country you come from, you may have to send medical certificates as well as have a chest X Ray certificates.


This usually means a police check certificate from your home countries or the countries you have stayed in. In the case of the New Zealand Holiday Visa, it may be necessary to show the original document of any police check certificates to New Zealand Immigration, and send a certified copy along with the rest of the necessary visa documentation.

Sending the Documentation

If you are using a travel agency or a visa application agency, they will help you with this. Otherwise get in contact with the New Zealand Consulate or Embassy in your home country. Make sure you send any forms by an authorized courier and/or via registered post.

Types of Visitor Visas for New Zealand

There are a number of different visitor visa options available, apart from the general visitor visa.

This is a sample of some of them:

These include:

  • Tourist/Business Visitor Visa Application.
  • Temporary Retirement Category Visitor Visa Applications
  • Additional dependents for a Visitor Visa
  • Visitors arriving by yacht


For those of you coming from a visa waiver country then it may be necessary to get some advice

regarding a potential holiday visit to New Zealand. For any one who needs a visitors visa, help is at hand, if you get in contact with a good visa agency company.

What to do next


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