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Skilled Migrant Worker New Zealand
New Zealand operates a fair and straight forward points based system for immigration to New Zealand.
Your work experience, qualifications, age (maximum age is 55), will all be taken into consideration. Your health, English proficiency and character (police checks), will also have to be assessed.With this Skilled Migrant Category Residents Visa, you are entitled to the following:

  • You will be able to stay indefinitely.
  • You will be able to work, study and live in New Zealand.
  • You can include your partner or spouse with this application. This also includes any dependent children, who may be up to the age of 24.

New Zealand Skilled Migration Point Test
With the help of Visa Emperor, it will be a pretty straight forward process negotiating your way through the points test. The minimum total you need to score at present is 160 points. You start the process by working your way through a self-assessment test. You do this before you submit the Expression of Interest, (EOI). This will then start your formal application. This way you can see areas that might need addressing, so that you can improve your test point score.

New Zealand Skilled Migration Point Test
The maximum you will need at present is 160.
You will need to show evidence of your age. This can be done with a passport and a birth certificate.
The points breakdown is as follows:

  • If you are between 20 and 29, you can get 30 maximum points.
  • If you are between 30 and 39, you can get 25 maximum points.
  • If you are between 40 and 44, you can get 20 maximum points.
  • If you are between 45 and 49, 10 maximum points
  • If you are between 50 and 55, 5 maximum points.

Skilled Employment
There are two categories: All ready in skilled employment in New Zealand or have an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand.
All ready in skilled employment in New Zealand
You will need to have evidence of a contract or agreement showing a detailed work description, the hours you are working, how long you have been working there, when you started, and your pay per month or hour. You will also need to show occupational registration. Qualifications and work experience.
Have an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand.
The criteria is the same as for, “all ready in skilled employment in New Zealand”. This time it will be your proposed work hours, pay rates etc.
You will also need an Employer Supplementary Form SMC (NZ 1235). This needs to be completed by the employer you intend to work for, Visa Emperor can help to sort this out for you.
The points for employment are as follows:

  • If you have a job offer in a skilled job in New Zealand this will give you 50 points.
  • If you have been currently working in a skilled job New Zealand for less than a year, this will get you 50 points.
  • If you have been working in a skilled job in New Zealand for more than a year. This will give you 60 points.

Additional Employment Points.
You can gain a number of additional employment points. These include the following.
If your current employment or proposed employment involves:

  • Work in an area of future growth, this can give you and additional ten points.
  • Work in a area where there are skill shortages, can bring you ten points.
  • Working in an area that is outside of Auckland, up to 30 more points.
  • If you have a partner or spouse with a job offer or working in a skilled job in New Zealand, 20 additional points.

Length of your work experience.
These points can vary between 10 points for two years experience up to 30 years for ten years work experience.
Working in New Zealand.
These can give you the following range of bonus points. Working in New Zealand for one year, five points, up to fifteen points for three or more years work.

This is an important part of your application, and the points score system:

  • If you have a trade qualification or alternatively a diploma, this can give you up to 40 points.
  • A Bachelor of Science or Arts degree is worth up to 50 points.
  • A PhD, Doctorate or Masters, degree can give up a maximum of 60 points.

There is a range of additional points you can gain as well. These include:

  • Two year graduate or one year post graduate study in full time in New Zealand will give you a total of ten points.
  • Two year post graduate study in New Zealand can add another 15 points.
  • If you have gained these New Zealand qualifications in either a “skills shortage area” or an “Identified future growth area”. This can add a further 10 points for each.
  • If your spouse or partner has a diploma or trade qualification, this can bring a further 10 points.
  • If your spouse or partner has a degree qualification or above, this can add an additional 20 points to your overall points score.

On line self-assessment
An additional online self-assessment of the Skilled Migrant Worker New Zealand, can be done online. This is something that Visa Emperor will gladly help you with.

Expression of Interest (EOI)
If you feel you can reach the 160 point minimum threshold to pass the New Zealand Skilled Migration Point Test, then you can go onto apply for the Expression of Interest (EOI). This is an online system that notifies the New Zealand immigration authorities that you want to emigrate to New Zealand as a Skilled Migrant Worker.
The next step is, if you are successful, is that you will receive an Invitation to apply (ITA). Then you will submit your visa application.
Conclusion and three further important areas.
There are health, English Language and character (police check) requirements that all need to be passed. Visa Emperor will happily guide you through these important areas. For example, if English is not your first language and you are not from the US, UK, Canada, Australia or the Republic of Ireland, you may need English lessons and take the official English language test.
Good luck, also make sure you have all your important documents and certificates to hand.

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