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New Zealand Point Test System

New Zealand is a very developed country, with a lot of possibilities for work. There are specific demands for certain skills in particular areas. So there are the opportunities for employment in New Zealand. Careful preparation is needed to be successful.

This is an important part of getting a visa, such as a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa, for you to obtain a permanent residency and employment in New Zealand.

Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest (EOI) is needed to start the whole process of coming to New Zealand. This will give the New Zealand immigration authorities information regarding your work experience, qualifications, and adapting to living in New Zealand. Passing this stage will give you the opportunity to live in New Zealand and find permanent work. The age limit is 55. Your partner or spouse can join you with any dependent children. They must be no older than 24.

Expression of Interest (EOI) Points: New Zealand Point Test System

This is based on four different sets of criteria:

  • How employable are you?
  • Your previous work experience.
  • Your qualifications.
  • If you have any family ties with New Zealand
  • Your age.
1. Employability

Skilled Employment

  • You are at present working and employed in New Zealand for 12 months or more you will get 60 points.
  • You are either have an offer of skilled employment or you have been in New Zealand and employed for less than 12 months. This will give you 50 points.

You are currently employed or have an employment offer in one of the following:

  • A New Zealand region identified for future growth: 10 points.
  • An area of absolute skills shortage: 10 points.
  • A region that is outside of Auckland.: 10 points.
  • Your spouse or partner is employed or has an offer of employment: 20 points.
2. Work experience
  • 10 years work experience: 30 points
  • 8 years work experience: 25 points
  • 6 years work experience: 20 points
  • 4 years work experience: 15 points
  • Minimum Points, 2 years work experience: 10 points.

Bonus Points Gained From Work Experience. These can be gained by working in future growth areas, or areas of skills shortages.

New Zealand Work Experience

  • One year 5 points.
  • Two years: 10 points.
  • Three years plus: 15 points.

Work Experience in a Future Growth Area

  • Two to Five years working: 10 points.
  • Six years or more working: 15 points.

Work Experience in an area of Real Skill Shortages

  • Two to five years working: 10 points.
  • Six years or more working: 15 points.
3. Qualifications
  • A honours degree or a trade and apprenticeship qualifications: 50 points.
  • A Masters or Doctorate: 50 points.

Additional Qualification Bonus Points

  • Working in New Zealand towards a qualification for two years: 5 points.
  • Studied in New Zealand for two years for a recognized qualification: 5 points.
  • Having a recognized New Zealand post graduate qualification: 10 points.
  • Having gained a qualification in a skilled shortage area: 10 points.
  • Having gained a qualification in an area identified for future growth: 10 points.
  • A spouse or partners qualifications: 20 points.
4. Close Family in New Zealand
  • Having a close Family in New Zealand: 10 points.
4. Close Family in New Zealand
  • 20 – 29: 30 points
  • 30- 39 : 25 points
  • 40- 44: 20 points
  • 45- 49: 10 points
  • 50 – 55: 5 points

The official minimum pass mark has been set at 100, but it has been increased to 160 points. You may also be in competition with other applicants, as “pool” systems are also used in New Zealand. So, obviously the higher the point mark the better chance you will moved onto the next stage of the visa application process.

English Test

A test of your competency in the English Language comes towards the end of the visa application process, not at the start. It is still however, an important element in getting to New Zealand, in order to settle and find work.

In New Zealand the English test there is quite a complicated set of regulations. This is where it would be very useful to find an experienced Migration Expert that can help you with some of these complexities.

This is an example of what is needed:

  • Evidence of residency and citizenship in these English speaking countries, U.K. United Kingdom, U.S. United States, Ireland, Canada. Evidence of having studied and worked in Australia and New Zealand, for 5 or more years.

For the skilled migrant resident visa category there is a whole range of different English as a Foreign Language qualifications that are acceptable in New Zealand.


English testing again, is outside the Expression of Interest EOI, Points Test system, used in New Zealand. If your educational qualifications and prior work experience are strong, that may be less of a problem.

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