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Dependent Child Resident Visa


This is the New Zealand Child Visa that you will need if you are a resident or citizen of New Zealand and want to bring any dependent children with you to New Zealand. They will be able to study and work in New Zealand and live there permanently. This applies to any dependent child 24 years or younger.

The visa application can be made as part of your permanent visa application to New Zealand or as an independent application for that particular child.


Specific Conditions

There are different visas for temporary stays and student visas. Visa Emperor will kindly help and give advice on any of these. This applies specifically to a permanent child visa.

You are eligible for the visa if you are:

  • 17 and under and are single.
  • between 18 and 20, and do not have any of their own children.
  • And are between 21 and 24, are still reliant on their parents or parent for financial support, are single and do not have any dependent children of their own.

When an assessment is made on parental financial support, the following will be looked into:

  • If your child has been working. For how many hours and how long they have been at work.
  • Does the child have any other access to other financial help.
  • If the child is living with a parent or parents, how much financial help is being given to each individual child.
  • Also how much support in general is being given to any child by his or her parents or parent.
  • If the child or children are in full or part time study.


Medical Checks

For permanent family visas in general, there may be the need for a medical examination.
There will be the need for a chest X Ray. This is again something that Visa Emperor can help you with. The main worry here is TB or tuberculosis. This will be the case no matter which country you are coming from, if you and/or your family are applying for a permanent residence visa. You will need either a medical certificate or an “emedical” certificate. There may be the need to use a “panel doctor”. These are radiologists or doctors who are approved by New Zealand immigration.


Character References

This usually means police checks. These are standard in most countries under various names. This should not concern most of you, especially if all you ever had is a parking ticket. However, for you and any possible older children there are a number of serious offenses that could prevent you or family members from getting a permanent New Zealand Visa.

Examples of these include:
• You have been imprisoned for five years or more for an offense.
• You have been excluded or deported from another country.
• You are considered a security risk.



These visa applications can be part of another visa application. The New Zealand points score system does not seem to apply to children. For more clarification and help with any of these matters, then please get in contact with Visa Emperor.


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