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Medical Treatment Visa

It is possible to get medical treatment in Canada.  However, a number of conditions will have to be met.

Anyone with a dangerous condition will not be allowed entry into Canada. Any physician and hospital will need to be affiliated with a Canadian institution that will be able to treat the condition.That is, the will have to be recognized by the Canadian authorities.  Any patient would not be eligible for Canadian provincial insurance cover. Financing the treatment and the stay in Canada will have to be arranged prior to the visit. You will have to show that you can cover the cost of the treatment. There will also be the need for a Canadian medical examination, prior to any treatment.

Therefore, there will be the need for documentation proof that this treatment or operation needs to be undertaken in Canada. That arrangements have been made with health institutions in the home country.  That full funding is available to cover medical costs and any recuperation, plus the time spent in Canada. There may be the need, in the case of the treatment taking place in the Quebec Province for a certificate d’ acceptation du Quebec.

The processing of the Medical Treatment Visa will follow the same procedures ad any other Canadian temporary visa.Visa Emperor will gladly help with all these arrangements.

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