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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba Province in Canada has set up a specific immigration program for skilled workers. This is to employ skilled workers for the needs of the Manitoba labor market.  If successful, you could be nominated for the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa.  This would then entitle you to work and stay permanently in Manitoba Canada.

Manitoba has a very strong and diverse economic base. There is low unemployment along with good social care and strong rights and benefits for workers.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers, are looking for candidates who can integrate and become part of Manitoba society and make a substantial contribution to its economy. Specific skills will include a good educational background, a very sound knowledge of your profession or occupation. You must have very good language proficiency. You should be able, straight away, to make a positive contribution to Manitoba, overall.

 You need a provincial nomination from the immigration of Manitoba to apply for permanent residency under MPNP. There are three basic steps for your nomination application to Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers (MPNP)

 Step 1: Submit an “Expression of Interest” to Manitoba immigration.

Step 2: Good points and a connection to Manitoba will get you an invitation to apply.

Step 3: If successful in getting a Manitoba nomination, you may apply to CIC for Permanent Resident visa, including your immediate family.

There are four aspects that can show that you have a strong connection to Manitoba.


  • Friends or distant relatives who are ready to sign in your favor.
  • Close family member(s).
  • Previous education in Manitoba.

Previous employment or a present job offer from an employer in Manitoba.

Specific Requirement

Your economic contribution to Manitoba should be immediate.

These are the designated pathways or routes that can be taken:


Skilled Workers in Manitoba

If you are a qualified temporary foreign worker, and want to settle permanently in Manitoba, your application can be accepted if you can provide evidence of substantial settlement plan within Manitoba including a permanent job offer from the same employer you have been working with.


Manitoba International Student Graduates(Working)

If you have studied in a Manitoba institution and have been offered a job by a Manitoba employer where you are confirmed working for more than 6 months or so can make you eligible to apply for MPNP nomination under this scheme.


Skilled Worker Overseas

by being invited via Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers (MPNP).

To gain a permanent residency and employment you will be assessed on the following:

  • Proficiency in English
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Adaptability


People That Can Not Apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers (MPNP) Include:
  • Individuals, claimants, or refugees who are involved in the process of removal or being removed by federal authorities.
  • Care givers that are currently “living in” and resident in Canada.
  • Temporary foreign workers, working elsewhere in Canada, and not Manitoba.
  • Permanent Residents or Canadian citizens who have spouses.
  • Anyone refused by the MPNB in the last 6 months. Plus they have not attempted to address the reasons for the refusal.
  • Any potential immigrant currently involved in permanent visa programs elsewhere in Canada.


Eligible Dependents

For the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers (MPNP) Visa Program, the following are deemed acceptable dependents under this scheme:

Your spouse and common law partner, who you have been living with for more than a year. This includes any dependent children under the age of 19.

A child over the age of 19, can be considered a dependent, if they have a medical or mental health issue. Otherwise, over the age of 19, dependent children must apply for this scheme independently. Unless you get married prior to your move to Manitoba, a fiancée should apply independently for the MPNP scheme.

If there is a change in family circumstances, such as a death or a birth both the MPNP visa scheme and Canadian immigration authorities will have to be notified via the Canadian embassy, consulates and visa offices, in your country, before any permanent residency visas are issued. If not, this could jeopardize you and your family’s chances of being allowed into Manitoba.

All eligible dependents should be declared. Siblings (brothers and sisters) and parents cannot be included in the MPNP visa scheme.  They should make their own, independent applications for this scheme.



You must show a very good understanding of the English Language to score well in your nomination application.  This will make you “job ready”. Though the minimum requirements for English language is less under MPNP compared to other PNP programs. If you score heavily under other criteria and have a language benchmark of CLB4, you may still be eligible under MPNP.

You need to take the official test within the last two years prior to your application to be eligible for the MPNP visa scheme.

The exception to this are applicants who are currently working in Manitoba and have a NOC (National Occupation Classification) of O,  A, or B.

Approved tests to gain points under the scheme:

IELTS General (This is international) and CELPIP General (Canada only), only. This is for English.  TEF is for the French test.

You can find the level you will need by using the MPNP CLB Canadian Language Benchmark system.

It would pay to be fully prepared before entering this test. Even if you consider yourself good in English Language in your home country.  You need to know test where the official test providers are in your home country.  It might be a good idea to find a language tutorial as well, to help you pass the test.


Expression of Interest

The most important stage of getting your Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers (MPNP) Visa, is the expression of interest.

 If you are eligible for one of the specific application visa streams the you can submit an Expression of Interest.  

You start by filling out the application form on line.  This will ask you a series of questions.  You do not send any supporting documents at this stage.

 Your application will then become part of a pool, along with other candidates who are eligible. Your answers will receive an overall score based on the Manitoba immigration points system. You will be ranked as per the different criteria set under the scheme. If you are successful, and you achieve a high rank and score, you will then be invited on to the next stage, the MPNA application.  There are no limits to the number of applications.

Again, your overall ranking will depend on a combination of these four factors:

  • language ability
  • education
  • work experience
  • compatibility, along with some other factors.


A Brief Summary of the Manitoba Points System (Highest points)


Factor 1
Language (First Official Language)
CLB 8 or higher
25 per band.
Language (Second Official Language)
CLB 5 or higher
Factor 2
Age 21 – 45
Factor 3
Work Experience
Fully recognized by a licensed provincial organization
Factor 4
Doctorate or Master’s degree
Factor 5
Close relative in Manitoba
Invitation to Apply

You start by submitting all your documentation. You can send all your documentation via a MPNP application online.

This must include:

Personal details

  • Birth certificate
  • Residence/travel: a full up to date passport and any visa documentation.
  • Marital Status: full marriage documentation, divorce papers, death certificates, prove that the common-law relationship is properly established.
  • Dependents: All relevant documentation including birth certificates, passports etc.



This must include all your certificates, and examination qualifications, from secondary high school, through the College, University and Post Graduate certificates. All technical diplomas and qualifications. Any certificates in a foreign language should be certified and translated by an official translator.



Use official letter heads where possible. Full details of any companies or organizations that employed you. All relevant dates along with responsibilities and the work you were responsible for.


Immigration Details 

All previous visits, visas, letters and supporting letters to Canada should be provided.


Language Abilities.

Fully documented results of your approved language scores including your NOC results and where you came on the CLB grid.


Settlement Funds

You will need to bring $10,000CAD, as well as $2000 for your spouse/common law partner and for each of your dependents. You need to show full bank accounts, plus records of all other assets including shares, bonds, securities etc.  This includes property and similar assets.

Also, please note that there will be police and medical checks, as part of the application process.



Again, there is a lot more detail that could be looked into. Try this on your own possibly, but you will need the help of officials in Manitoba, and you may well need additional help from reputable immigration agencies.

This way you will be able to obtain a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers (MPNP).

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