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L1 Business Executive Work Visa

This set of US visas is designed to transfer specialist into the United States for up to seven years. This is a non immigrant visa. This is aimed in particular at executives, managers and business men and women.

This is a good way, for even relatively small business to be set up in the US. The initial outlay is not as great as that expected under the EB5 Investor Visa scheme.

This is also a good scheme for larger international companies and corporations based in the United States, to transfer Business Executives, with particular specialism into the US, without too much difficulty.

The LA1 Executives and Managers Work Visa lays down strict requirements. This requires that the executive or manager has important supervisory roles in any company or the running of a particular department or sub division within a company. This can initially be for three years but can be extended out to seven years.

You can combine both an initial LA1 visa with a later EBIC investment visa as an international manager or executive. From there you can go on to getting an employment based immigrant visa and a Green Card.

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