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Federal Skilled Traders Visas

These are a set of visas deigned for people with skilled trades to be granted permanent residency in Canada.

General Criteria

Please note, if you intend to work in the province of Quebec, they have their own set of criteria. For more information on that please contact Visa Emperor for more specifics on how to find skilled permanent work in the Quebec Province.

Canada expects a good level of language proficiency in listening, writing, speaking and reading in either English or French. There are standard tests for language proficiency which need to be undertaken as part of the visa application process.

You will need at least two years working experience, in a skilled trade, (or part time equivalent), for five years before you apply for the visa.

You will need to meet the job requirements, for your trade as specified in the Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC). You have an offer of full time employment in Canada for at least one year. You have a certificate and qualification from a Canadian Territory or Province, in a specific skill.

Breaking down the time you would have needed to work:

This means you have worked 30 hours a week for one year. Alternatively, you worked part time, for 15 hours a week for two years. This can also include two employers employing you, for 30 hours a week over 12 months.

Further Checks

Each territory and province in Canada needs to fully assess your qualifications and capabilities before issuing you a visa. There may also have to undertake a written examination in order to get a certificate.

NOC Groupings

The skilled trades that are needed fall under these different major and minor groups:

  • Major group 72: This includes construction, electrical and industrial trades.
  • Major group 73: This includes equipment and maintenance operation trades.
  • Major Group 82: This includes technical and supervisors jobs in agricultural and production related to agricultural plus natural resources.
  • Major Group 92: This will include supervisors in processing, utilities and manufacturing, plus operators in central control.
  • Minor Group 632: This includes cooks and chef.
  • Minor Group 633: This includes bakers and butchers.

It us important to make sure that you fully satisfy the NOC skills criteria for each trade. If you do not, then you will not be able to get the visa.

Express Entry

This is becoming the standard way of gaining a permanent work visa to Canada. Express Entry is an online system that is designed to quickly and efficiently gain a s Canadian Permanent Residency Work Visa. Visa Emperor will help you to set up an Express Entry account online.

Education Requirements

Under the Express Entry system there are ways of gaining points to help you with your visa application.

Although there are no specific education requirements for gaining this visa the following qualifications will help you gain Express Entry points:

  • A Canadian diploma or post secondary certificate.
  • A suitable Canadian degree.

For any one outside of Canada you will need a qualification equivalent to one of the above, you will need an Educational Credential Assessment Report (ECA), approved by the CIC, the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship, the main Canadian Federal Immigration organization. Again, Visa Emperor can help you with this.

Language Requirements and Express Entry

The total score in the Express Entry scheme is 1200. Again you will need guidance from Visa Emperor to determine the minimum score you will need to gain a work visa in each particular field of employment.

You can help your self by adding additional points when you make your application.

You can gain additional points if French is your second language. If you are bilingual this could also help you finding a permanent work visa in Canada. Both French and English is used in a number of provinces and territories in Canada. Important points can be gained in both language tests.

The Express Entry points system is quite complicated. It is a fair system. Visa Emperor will help you navigate through all of this.

Principal Applicant

This means you and a possible spouse of common law partner coming to Canada as part of this scheme. A common law partner is some one of a different sex or same sex that has lived with you for a year or more. “Principal Applicant” simply means the main person applying for this visa.

Inadmissible Applicants

This covers a whole range of different issues. If any of these applying to you, then this could mean your application may be turned down. To give a summary of the main areas that may need to be looked at.

These include:

  • If you are considered a security risk
  • If you have committed a crime in Canada or committed an act outside of Canada, that would be considered a crime.
  • If you are linked in anyway to a crime organization.
  • You have a health problem which is considered serious.
  • You have serious problems with your finances.
  • You have lied in an interview or on application.
  • You have not met the Canadian Immigration law criteria.
  • A family member is not allowed entry to Canada.

You may, however, in some circumstances, be allowed a temporary visa into Canada.


A lot of the above points are fairly general. Police checks in your home country should clear up any criminal activity. There is a big difference between a stupid minor act of vandalism when you are younger, in which you were not charged, and armed robbery, in which you were given a lengthy prison sentence. This also applies to defining what a serious illness? Plus, would financial difficulties simply mean owing money on your credit card, or being in a major debt management scheme?

Finding Work

Each individual province and territory has its own set of criteria Each has its own individual website. If you have a specific province or territory in mind and want to explore those possibilities then again get in contact with Visa Emperor. They will guide you through what is needed for each individual province or territory.

Alternatively, you maybe lucky enough to already have a promising job offer from a company in Canada. This could be anything from a local firm to a big International concern. Again, Visa Emperor would be more than happy to help you with this.


Visa Emperor are there to help you. They will step you through the application process. They will ensure all the documentation is covered properly. Plus, you will be able to start a new career in a new country.




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