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What is the Federal Self-Employed Visa?

For most of Canada, being strictly self employed relates to these three categories. These are people involved in cultural activities , any one connected with athletics and those people that are willing to purchase and manage a farm. The assets you have and the length of time you have been involved in these activities is also important in your application.

Quebec Province runs its own system self employment visas to Canada.


What is the general criteria for applying for this visa?

You need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • You will need to have the relevant experience.
  • Show that you intend are able to come to Canada and be self employed.
  • You will have to pass the section criteria set out for self employed people.
  • You must meet medical, security (police) checks and other conditions.


What is the relevant experience?

These will include that you have taken part in athletic activities and cultural at a a world class level. That you been self employed in either athletic or cultural activities. This visa is also relevant to some one who has had experience of managing a farm.

The experience should have covered at least a five year period. Two, full time, one year activities in either of these three areas, athletics, cultural activities, or farming.


What is the selection criteria?

This Canadian visa uses a point system. There are 100 points to be gained in total. At present you need to obtain 35 points to pass in order to move onto the next stage of the visa process.

The criteria covers these 5 five areas, plus total possible points:

  • Education: 25 maximum points.

    PHD or Masters degree 25 points. A BA degree or an apprenticeship of two years or more, will give you 22 points. If you have studied at BA level or taken an apprenticeship for a year, plus 13 years in full time study, this will give you 15 point. Completing High School gives you just 5 points.

  • Experience: 35 points in total.

    This experience must apply to a period of 5 years before you apply for this visa. Five years, full time relevant experience will give you the maximum 35 points. Two years full time experience will earn you 20 points.

  • Age: 10 maximum points.

    If you are between 21 and 49. No points for any one 16 or 54 or older. If you are 20 or 50 you get 8 points.

  • Language ability in English and/or French: 24 maximum points.

    This covers speaking, listening, reading and writing. To gain the maximum of 24 marks, You need to show a high proficiency level in all four categories in both your main language or your secondary language, be that English or French. You will also need to have taken your test using an improved testing center and language school.

  • Adaptability: Maximum 6 points.

    This can give you a further 6 points. This covers a number of areas including if you have previously worked in Canada, have relatives there, studied there or if your spouse or partner has studied in Canada.

If you gain more than the 35 points you can go forward, obtain the Canada Self-Employed Visa and apply for permanent residency.


If I want any Help?

For more details on any of this information please do not hesitate to get in contact with Visa Emperor.


Will I Need A Medical Examination?

If you are eligible for a Canada Self Employment Visa you may have to take a medical examination so that you can move on and obtain permanent residency in Canada This will also apply to a spouse, partner of any family members. You will need a panel physician to undertake any medical examination. Your family doctor is not accepted. Again, Visa Emperor can help you find a panel physician in your home country. This will include laboratory tests and a chest X ray.


What is a Police Certificate?

These will have different names in different countries. They are basically police checks. Your home country will supply you with your police record. Any connection to a terrorist organization will prevent you from gaining entry to Canada.


What is the final stage?

There is no need to worry, Visa Emperor will guide you through all these final stages.

Quebec Self Employed Worker Program.
Quebec province runs quite a different self employment program. Both Montreal and Quebec City are in the Quebec Province. It is an important economic, cultural and commercial center in Canada.


What will be needed to get this visa?

Similar medical, and police checks will be needed. I might also help if French was your primary language.

What you will need to show that you can provide $100,000 CAD in assets. These must be legally obtained. This can be also be part of a spouse’s or partner’s assets. You must also show that you have been practicing your trade or profession for at least two years, prior to making your application.


What Other Factors Are There?

There may be a need to take into consideration your age and/or the age of your spouse or partner. They type of training you have undertaken, your knowledge of Quebec, language skills, and personal qualities.

It would be a very good idea to contact a specific regulatory body in Quebec which applies to your specific trade or profession. They can evaluate your skills and training and will state that you have the appropriate skills and training for that specific trade or profession in Quebec. If this is missed out, or you have problems with this, then this might mean you will not obtain this particular visa.

A preliminary evaluation can be done online for Quebec regulated trades and professions. Again, Vise Emperor can help you with this.


What Other Programs Are There?

If you have a particular skill or trade, it may be able to gain entry to Canada using the Immigration Program For Skilled Workers. There is a need for people with specific skills, professions and trades across Canada. Visa Emperor will gladly help you find appropriate work in Canada.

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