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Express Entry

This is an electronic based system that is designed to speed up the visa process and ensure a secure and straight forward method of securing a permanent Canadian work visa.  This has been set up and is operated by the Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC).

There are three different streams:
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Canadian Experience Class

Some Provincial Nominee Programs also use the Express Entry system. They are looking for potential workers and professionals who can match their specific requirements and needs.


How Does the System Work?

From this you can see how to proceed in setting up your Express Entry profile.

To look at some of the main details

Note, this system can now apply to someone only wanting to work in Canada for one year. After the invitation, you now have 90 days to submit documents and process the visa compared to the 60 days given earlier.

To look at more detail at the Express Entry Pool Process: The whole process starts by using an online application.


There are two stages:


To Start with: You Must Take a Language Test.

You must take a test approved of by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). IELTS is the most popular and globally recognized test, general module of test is required for Express Entry.

Send your Test Results with Your application.

Do not send them separately. This might jeopardize your whole visa application.  You should upoad a scanned copy. The original scores may need to be seen later.

Remember that Canada is a bi lingual country.  You are expected to show a good level of competency in either English or French, or both.  For most provinces and territories this will be English.  In the case of Quebec, especially, a good understanding of French will be expected.

The two main Canadian authorities that are responsible for monitoring the language tests are:

  • The Canadian Language Bench Mark CLB (English)
  • Niveauxde competence linquistique Candaniens (NCLC) (French)

Please note: The test results stay valid for two years.  If you over run this time period with your Express Entry Application, you will be expected to re take the tests.

Taking the Right Test and Do Not Be Complacent

There are a number of different language teaching courses around the world, but these are the ones you need to attend, if you want to attain the correct attainment level:

There are two acceptable English courses:

  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Language Index Program (CELPIP) .  You musttake the CELPIP general test.  Other tests will not be accepted.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This is an international English course, which can be found in many countries around the world.  Again, you must only take the General Training option.

The acceptable French course is:

  • Test d’ evaluation de (TEF).  This is broken down into these basic categories:
  • Comprehension  de l ‘ecrit.
  • Comprehension de l’orale
  • Expression ecrite
  • Expression orale

If you come from a county where either English or French is spoken, or is an important language, then you may feel there is little need to take any preparatory lessons, before you take your test.  This would be a big mistake. This is for two reasons. There are different forms of English and French spoken in different countries.  You are expected to have a good level of competency in either English or French. If you wish to work and stay permanently in Canada.

Details regarding these three separate course can be found on line. It would be worth checking to see if you get lessons prior to your test from a competent teacher, even if you consider your self already fluent enough in either of these languages.


There is a need for a detailed profile which has to be sent on line.  This should include:

  • Details about your identity.  This will need to be your full name.
  • Your full contact details. Your full address, including your zip or post code, the State or Province your currently live in.
  • A full resume, or CV of your education qualifications. This would be where and when you studied and what qualifications you gained. You will be required to submit your Educational Credentials Assessment.
  • There needs to be a detailed account of your employment history. Where you worked, and when you worked there, plus details concerning your responsibilities.
  • Your main language.
  • If you intend to bring any family members or dependents  with you.
  • You need to show a copy of any job offer from a Canadian Employer.
  • Alternatively, you need to show a copy of a provincial job offer, if that is applicable.
  • From the online ‘Come to Canada tool’, you will be given a personal identification number.
  • Police checks from each of your respective countries, will also be needed.
Setting Up Your Profile

Once you have all the above information in place, you can follow the logical steps laid out in the official Canadian web link and set up your online Express Entry profile.


The Job Bank

If you do not already have a job invitation from a Canadian Employer which is valid , or you have not been nominated by a Province or one of the Territories, then it would be a good idea to create your Canada govt job bank profile.

 This is based on a points score system. The more specific information you can get together and document, the better, as this could increase your chances of getting a job offer and eventually an invitation. There is an ‘Express Entry’ pool of candidates. Once you have submitted all your information, you will be part of the pool. A draw is conducted regularly, where candidates are picked up on the basis of their points(highest first) and invited to apply for Canada permanent residency.


To conclude

The Canadian CIC web system is very good and can be easily navigated. However, if you are worried about missing some important piece of vital information, or do not feel confiodent enough about using on line web systems, it might be a good idea to get in contact with a reliable on line immigration agency.


Associated Fees and Cost


  • Education Assessment Government Fee: around CAD$383 per person
  • Visa Application Fee (based on the visa to be filed): CAD$550 per adult
  • Permanent Residence Government Fee: CAD$490 per adult and CAD$150 per child

Visa Emperor will guide you through the every step of Canada Express Entry application process. We will assign case manager/legal consultant who will do everything for you.

Our Services to get your Canada PR:

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    • Help you become Job ready for Canada
    • Register you in Canada Govt Job Bank Account
    • Generate employment number for Canada to help you find a job
    • Assistance in Understanding Document Requirement
    • File for your Permanent Residency Visa/Work Visa as required
    • All Post landing services such as flights assistance, SIN number assistance(tax filing number), accommodation assistance and other settlement services are included in your package

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What to do next


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