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To look at the general picture now. Australia may have a relatively small population of 22 million in a very large country, it is blessed with a range of natural products plus a very sophisticated modern infrastructure. Australia is now linked firmly into the Asia Pacific group of countries. Along with New Zealand, there are now strong trading partnerships with China, South Korea and Japan, along with the other fast developing countries in the region.


There are obvious opportunities in mining, and agriculture. However, biotechnology is expanding in Australia. The country is very strong in the creative industries. There is of course leisure and recreation. Aerospace is also an expanding market. The financial sector is very strong There could be a niche for any entrepreneur wishing to expand in Australia.


Patents and Trade Marks

If you innovate and come up with a new product, can have an Australian patent. This can be the more expensive standard patent which lasts 20 years or an innovation patent which is cheaper and lasts 8 years. Trademarks can be registered for ten years and re registered every ten years indefinitely.


The Paper work is not as bad as it looks.

The World Bank estimates that a business can be set up in Australia in only three days. If all the preparatory has been properly been completed. This compares with an average of 8 days in other countries.


Two Key Requirements

Any new business in Australia must Australian citizens will be employed and Australian resources will be used.

You will need to show that you intend to form a joint partnership with an existing Australian company.


Australian Business Number (ABN)

You will also need to obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN). This will make processing any taxation a lot easier.



At present there seem to be changes in the current visa situation regarding preliminary visas. If you have these already, then moving onto a permanent visa will not be a problem in getting Australia Permanent Residency Business Investment Visas. There are alternatives at the Federal visas at the state level in Australia, that could also be worth investigating.


A temporary arrangement may also make sense, so that you can get your “foot in the door”, then look for permanent options for staying in Australia later.


You will need to help and back up of a good on line agency that can help you organize all the correct documentation, plus advise you regarding the best possible options.

What to do next


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