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Child of US Permanent Resident

A permanent resident is defined as someone who has the right to stay and work in the United States, who holds a green card, but it is not yet, officially a US citizen.

Therefore, a permanent resident can bring children under the age of 21 years.  This applies to married couples as well as unmarried couples. This also applies to unmarried sons and daughters over the age of 21, who also have children.

If you are a permanent resident you need to be able present a copy of your green card both front and back.  Alternatively a copy of your foreign passport clearly showing that it has a temporary stamp stating that you have the right to remain in the US as a permanent resident.

There are a number of strict regulations regarding the proof of your relationship.  This includes:

  • For both mother and father, a copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • A possible copy of the marriage certificate.
  • If the child is illegitimate, then there must be evidence of a close relationship existing between the father and the child.

Similar criteria also apply to stepchildren
All of this may seem a bit complicated, but Visa Emperor will give you the support and help needed to get your child into the United States. .

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