Canada Work Visa

How many types of Canada work visa are there?

There are typically three kinds of Canadian work visas, are as follows:

1: Canada Open Work Visa

Who can get a Canadian Open Work Visa?

You may get to Canada on a work visa:

i: If you are an international graduate student who studied in a (DLI)designated learning institution and successfully completed your course which are eligible for a Post Graduation Work Permit Program.

ii: If you are a destitute student. Students who can no longer afford the fees and living costs of their studies are called destitute students.

iii: If you held an employer-sponsored work visa where you were being abused or are at risk of being abused in relation to your job in Canada.

iv: If you are waiting for the decision while have applied for permanent residency of Canada.

v: If you are a dependent family member of someone who applied for permanent residency in Canada.

vi: If you are applying as the spouse or live-in partner of a skilled worker or international graduate student.

vii: If you are applying as the spouse or live-in partner of an Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program applicant.

viii: If you are a refugee, refugee claimant, protected person or one of their family members.

ix: If you are under an unenforceable removal order from Canada.

x: If you are a temporary resident permit holder legally staying in Canada.

xi: If you are a young worker participating in any special programs conducted in Canada.

2: Canada Employer Sponsored Temporary Work Visa

3: Canada Employer Sponsored Permanent Work Visa

Which Canadian Work Visa type are exempt from LMIA?

You may be eligible for an employer-sponsored work visa without a labor market impact assessment if you fall under any one of these:

i) You are working for a film or television production unit in Canada and.

Your work is essential for the filming production house.

You are offered a job as a “Graphic Designer” in Canada.

ii) You are an Academic who is either a: 


Guest Lecturer

Visiting Professor

Post Doctoral Fellow

Award Recipient

or any other type of Academic

iii) After finishing your studies in Canada, you intend to do get a co-op work placement or internship.

iv) You are assigned to perform research with designated Canadian Institutions or universities.

v) You are offered a job under Religious or charitable work.

vi) You are required to make emergency repairs to industrial or commercial equipment.

vii) You are an Entrepreneur and own more than 50 percent shares of a Canadian Inc. (C11) 

viii) You are a professionally recognized coach or athlete.

ix) You are an agricultural or farm worker.

x) You perform or work in a job which is majorly related to:



Orchestral Music

Live Theatre

xi) You work for a foreign embassy, diplomatic mission, international organization, consular post, or foreign government.

xii) You are offered a job by an employer under the Global Talent Stream.

xii) You work for an international bridge or tunnel operator/owner.

xiii) You are offered a job by an employer under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program.

xiv) You come under the francophone or bilingual mobility program outside Quebec.

xv) You are offered a job in Quebec. 

For an LMIA exempt job offer your employer must also complete:

i) Get registered with IRCC’s employer portal and submit an offer of employment for you.

ii) Makes sure that you do not spend on any job-related costs and the employer pays a $230 employer compliance fee to hire you.

iii) Employer must give you an “Offer of Employment Number” which is received after submitting the job offer in the employment portal. 

Applicants must also meet the general eligibility requirements for a Canadian working visa.

When applying under the LMIA exempt category, the type of work permit to be chosen:

Select “Exemption from Labour Market Impact Assessment” as the type of work permit in the section of intended work in Canada.

All other intended employer-sponsored job offers must be accompanied by an approved LMIA from ESDC.


How to get a Labor Market Impact Assessment LMIA for Canada to work visa?

To apply for a Canada work visa, you will need LMIA approval from Employment and Social Development Canada(ESDC) depending on the type of program under which you are hiring, such as:

1: High-wage workers

2: Low-wage workers

3: Workers under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

4: Workers under the Agricultural Stream.

How to hire a temporary foreign worker when you need an approved LMIA?

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) lets you hire skilled workers and fill labor and employee shortages. Once LMIA is issued, you must provide a copy of the confirmation letter to each temporary foreign worker and guide them towards applying for a Canadian work visa from the Canadian embassy.

How to hire a temporary foreign worker when you do not need an LMIA?

The International Mobility Program lets you hire temporary foreign workers without an LMIA. Check the LMIA exemption code that matches your respective job posting. If you hire a temporary foreign worker through the International Mobility Program, you need to

Employer must:

a) Pay the employer compliance fee on the IRCC’s employer portal.

b) Submit an offer of employment application through the Employer Portal and provide a job offer number to the candidate applying for the Canadian working visa and this must be done before the temporary foreign worker can apply for a work permit.

Employee must:

a) Sign and submit the employer’s contract along with the offer of employment number given by the employer to him. 

b) Submit the application to IRCC with all relevant and required documents for Canada working visa.

With a keen eye and a systematic methodology, you must approach applying for this visa. Everything has to be correct at each step of the visa application. If you are in an occupation that is in demand, there is no reason why you can’t move to work and live in Canada.

Employers Portal Employer’s Compliance Fees: CAD$230

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