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There are two ways to apply for this visa, online or by using paper.  Visa Emperor can help you with both these methods.

To apply online you will need access to a digital camera or scanner to make electronic copies of any documents for uploading.  Plus a valid credit card. You will need to send your email address.  

An application paper for the Canada Visitors Visa can be down load and printed off online.  You must make sure there are no problems with your application before you send it off. Again Visa Emperor will be more than happy with assisting you. They will make sure that your application form has be properly filled out. If the application is rejected the application fee is not refunded.  Anybody below the age of 18 must have the form signed by a parent or guardian.

Each family member, or member of a party must make a separate application.

You are usually allowed up to 6 months stay in Canada. If it is less than this, this will be entered into your passport , by immigration officers.

Increasingly Electronic Transfer Authorization (eTA), is being used in international travel.

Again, Visa Emperor can help you with this. However, a valid passport may be fine.  You need to make sure that your passport is valid and will not go out of date during your stay in Canada.  In which case you must make sure your renew it first.

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