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Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is designed for parents and grandparents to visit their children in Canada.  

To qualify you must be the parent or grandparent of someone with a permanent residence visa, or a Canadian citizen. Dependents can not be included in this visa.

An immigration official will need to determine the following before allowing you to visit Canada. The ties you have with your home country.  Why you are visiting Canada. Your overall family finances, The stability, both political and economic, in your home country.  A Canadian host will also need to give you an invitation to visit Canada.

You will also have to show that your children or grandchildren satisfy the Canadian minimum financial threshold level. You will need to show in a written statement that either your children or grand children can support you. You will need to prove that you have valid Canadian Insurance cover at least the period of a year. You will need an official medical examination.

Help with all of this can be given by Visa Emperor.


Main Differences Between the Travel Visa And The Parent And Grandparent Super Visa

The main differences is that with a standard visa you are only allowed to stay in Canada for 6 months, without paying for an additional extension. With the “:Super Visa” , parents and grandparents can stay up to two years, before the status is renewed

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