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Canada Business Visit Visa

This is designed to help you grow your business, find new investment possibilities and to form new business relationships in Canada.

The visit can be arranged using an eTA.

You will need an “letter of invitation” from a potential Canadian business partner. There will also need to be full 24 hour contact details provided, for this contact.

As a business visitor you will need to show that:

  • You will be in Canada for less than a period of 6 months.
  • You have no intention of entering the Canadian labour market.
  • Your primary profit and  income is from outside Canada. Your business is based outside of Canada.
  • You have full documentation to support your application.
  • You have a valid passport and other travel documents
  • You have enough money and funds for your stay in Canada and for your return journey
  • You are not a criminal or health risk to Canada.This can be shown be submitted valid police check documentation and a possible health check.

Once you have your visa you can be involved in the following cross border business:

  • Buy Canadian services and goods for a foreign government or business.
  • Go to trade fairs, conferences and conventions
  • Provide after sales service.  This is managing and no “hand on work”.
  • You can be trained by a Canadian parent company, if you work for that company outside of Canada.  
  • You can train employees of a foreign company operating in Canada, if you are working for them outside of Canada.
  • You are being trained by a Canadian company. that have previously sold you services and equipment.

Also under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), citizens of Mexico and the US, also take part in marketing, general services and research.

There are a number of very different opportunities for short term visits to Canada on offer. Visa Emperor can provide you with the expertise to help you with your visit to Canada.

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