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B1 and B2 visas are nonimmigrant temporary visitor visas to the United States. These are for business visits or tourist visits, for travel, visiting friends and leisure.

Business visitor Visa (B-1)

The Business visitor Visa (B-1) covers the same format as the general Tourist Visa. You are allowed to hold consultations with business associates, attended business, commercial, scientific, business or educational conferences and conventions. You negotiate contracts and settle estates. You cannot enter into any direct business or commercial activities, that can be thought of as actually running a business in the United States.
Applying for a Visitor Visa or Visitor Business Visa in the United States is pretty straight forward. If you have any questions or want any more information, do not hesitate to get in contact with Visa Emperor. We have the experience of dealing any issue that you might have a worry about or needs clarification. This will make sure you have a hassle-free trip to the United States.

You may need to explain why you will to go to the United States. If you have organized a holiday with a list of holidays already set up, for example. In the case of a business trip, information about companies you may be visiting. There is no need for invitation from anyone in the United States, to determine the eligibility of your visa application. You may need to show that you have sufficient funds to cover your trip, and you will be coming back to your home country at the end of it. During the interview you will be required to have your fingerprints taken. These are ink free scans of your finger prints. Both your passport and visa will be kept by the US authorities whilst your visa application is being processed. Once these are ready a courier can be organized to return them. Again, Visa Emperor will happily help you with all the details.

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