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Australia short-business Visit Visa (Subclass 400)
This is a short term visa designed  for a work period of only 3 months. It limited cases 6 months might be allowed. You should be invited by companies and organizations that require people with specific skills and expertise that can not be found in Australia.

The cost starts from $280AUD upwards.


Apart from having the necessary skills, you will need to show that you can support yourself and any family members whilst you in Australia. You will also have to meet the health requirements,

You will not be covered by the Australian Medicare.  It is important you organize health insurance cover. Unless there is a reciprocal agreement with using Australian Medicare.

A character check is also required.  These are really police checks.  You will need to show a police certificate for each country you lived in over a period of ten years since the age of 16. This should cover each country you lived in for 12 months or more.

This visa may allow you some holiday time, but it is primarily designed for people over with specific niche skills that are needed and are  not readily available in Australia.


]Looking at these three different classes of visa, a general visitor visa , medical vise and a specific employment visa, there is quite a variety of different options.

This may prove daunting and difficult for some people. However help is at hand. Visa Emperor has been set up to provide help and guidance for people wanting to obtain an Australian Visa, no matter what type.  They will help you with gathering the correct documentation,and ways to present this. There will be help in sending off the visa application, either on line or via courier post.

Th Australian visas systems are logical and well thought out. With the help of Visa Emperor, there will be very few headaches.

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