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It is possible to bring either your wife, spouse or common law partner into Australia using an Australian Partner Visa.

This is the general criteria that is needed for gaining an Australian Partner Visa:

  • In a relationship with an Australian permanent resident or citizen.
  • You must be married to or in a permanent commitment with an Australian permanent resident or citizen.
  • Or married to or be in a permanent relationship with an Australian permanent visa holder.
  • Married to or in permanent relationship with a New Zealand citizen who is eligible.
  • Can be opposite sex or same sex partner.

There are two types of partner visas. These are the subclass 309/820 and the subclass 100/801. Applications for both these visas should be made at the same time and you are expected to pay only one fees. However, the visa grant is a two-stage process which will be given in a span of two years or more. This is because the temporary sub class visa 309 or 820 leads onto the final sub class visa 100 or 801.


The main difference between these two visas are: Subclass 309 (applying from outside Australia) or Subclass 820(applying when in Australia) (Australian Temporary Partner Visa)

  • You can stay in Australia pending a decision on the status of the subclass 100 or 801 visa.
  • You can study in Australia, but you will not be allowed to use government funding.
  • You can enroll for the Australian Medicare.
  • You can work in Australia.
  • You can include dependent children on your visa application, but they have to already be in Australia.


If you do get the permanent subclass 100(applying from outside Australia) or 801(applying when in Australia) Australian Permanent Partner Visa, this will mean that:

  • You can stay permanently in Australia.
  • You now able to undertake Australian educational courses.
  • You can now enroll fully in the Australian Medicare system.
  • You can come and go as many times as you like from Australia.
  • You can now sponsor any relatives to come to Australia.
  • You can also apply to become a permanent Australian Citizen.


Applying for the 309/820 and 100/801 Permanent Australian Partner Visa:

 Please note:

– All documents must be certified. Unless you are asked otherwise, provide copies of your original documents.

– If your documents are not in English, they must be translated.

– You can use the official Australian “Immi Account” in order to send through scanned documents.

 There are then followed by a series of different official forms that have to be filled in by you and/or your partner.

You and your partner can persevere, and attempt to work your way logically through the official government web site. Everything you need is there. However, both of you could easy get swamped by all the details that are to be found. If a point is missed or misinterpreted, then this might mean problems with the visa application and can lead to refusal in the worst case.

That is why it might be a good idea to get in contact with competent on agency such as ICS Visas Simply. Our costs are not that excessive compared to other agencies and this will give you peace of mind, knowing you will get your partner into Australia without making any mistake in the application.


To break all this down into four straight forward stages, you and your partner must:
  • Fully prepare all your documents
  • The documents should be transferred and lodged to the relevant Australian agency.  This is both the 309/820 visa and the 100/801 visa. This can be done either by post (registered mail), on line through the government’s secure system, or in person.
  • You then wait for the outcome of the decision which can take up to several months, depending on the workload of the assigned visa consulate and officer.
  • If all goes well the Australian Partner Visa application will be approved. Your partner, wife or husband can join you in Australia.

This following section is very personal. It is designed to make sure that the partnership and/or wedding is genuine, and not simply a means of getting some one into Australia. That is a partnership or marriage of convenience, in other words. So, a detailed analysis of the relationship needs to be undertaken before proceeding further with the Australian Partner Visa application.

Looking again at the Australian Partner Visa in conjunction with the importance of this relationship, and starting with these three important considerations:

  • That you show total commitment to one another to the exclusion of anybody else.
  • This is a loving and permanent relationship
  • That you are living together and intend to live together permanently.


Specific Requirements

There needs to be evidence of a committed relationship for at least a 12month period. Understandably, you may not actually physically be living together. However, to satisfy Australian immigration authorities, the following needs to be looked at very carefully.

There must be evidence of a serious relationship. The following criteria must be satisfied, and a document signed stating this is correct.  This will include:

  • The circumstances regarding how the couple first met up. When did this happen? Where did this happen? How did this happen? If this is on the web, then full details should also be given.
  • The history of the relationship.
  • Are there any domestic arrangements or commitments?  Explain the financial, physical and emotional levels of commitment in the relationship.
  • Have there been any periods of separation? If so explain these. How were the couple able to maintain their relationship during these periods?
  • What are the couple’s future plans in Australia?

There are also a number of financial considerations:

These are:

  • Evidence of joint home ownership or joint ownership of a lease.
  • The couple uses the same address
  • Financial matters concerning bank statements.  Any evidence of joint accounts?


  • If there are children involved what arrangements are in place for caring for them?
  • Evidence of joint responsibilities in the home


Social Context
  • They are seen as a couple by others.
  • They have friends in common.
  • Evidence of this relationship from the couple’s friends and family.
  • They go out together, to family, sporting, cultural and social events.


Evidence of Commitment
  • They know each other’s birthdays, knowledge of the other partner’s friends and family etc.
  • They may already have a joint will.
  • If they were apart, then records such as letters, emails, social networks and telephone conversations show that they have remained in constant contact.


To Conclude:

The requirements may seem prying and intrusive but this has been designed to weed out individuals (possibly groups) trying to bring people illegally into Australia. If you and your partner are in a genuine relationship, there should be no problem what so ever.

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