Australia Permanent Residency Business Investment Visas

Australia Permanent Residency Business Investment Visas

Australia Business Investor Visa

There are a number of different routes that can be taken. One that is worth looking at is the

Investor Visa (subclass 891)

This visa will give you permanent residency in Australia. You will be able to move in and out of Australia for up to five years.

You will need to hold a subclass 162 visa. However, for anyone wanting this set of Business Skills visas (160 – 165), as of now, these have been withdrawn.

Assuming you have the subclass 162 visa you will also need to have been resident in Australia for up to two years over a four year period. You will need an investment of $1.5 million AUD for this four year period.

You can include your family on this visa. Standard medical, language and character (police) checks, will also be required for this visa.

Prior to this, under the subclass 162 visa, you and your partner or spouse, should have already made a designated investment of $1,500,000 AUD for four years at least.

You, your partner or spouse must not have been involved in any problematic business of investment activities. This will be on top of any standard police check. Plus, there must be no debts owing to the Australian Government. You can arrange a repayment provision, before the visa is granted.

You must be resident in Australia,in order to apply for the Investor Visa (subclass 891).

If you are granted the visa, you can enroll in the Australian Medicare. You can study and enroll in colleges in Australia. You can also apply for permanent citizenship..

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